04 Jan
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25 Jun
This most prestigious award is given every two years by the , Turkish Technology Development Foundation, and The Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association.
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Rainvent™ is the world's first fully automated smart irrigation system with all-wireless, all-solar sensors and valves.

-Eliminates power and wiring with solar and wireless operation
-Increases crop yield by 50%
-Reduces water usage by up to 40%
-Lower up-front installation costs by 30%

Rainvent™ advanced irrigation system offers a low-cost, practical solution that maximizes the crop yield with optimal use of water resources. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology that combines wireless communications and advanced agricultural techniques, Rainvent™ gives the modern farmers the exact tool they need to monitor and control the soil moisture at incredibly low operation and installation costs. Rainvent™ performs measurements of soil moisture at multiple points and adjusts irrigation schedule accordingly.

Our Mission We thrive to provide farmers and landscape owners savings, increased profits and the right toolkint to help preserve the global resources that are valuable to us all... read more about us
What we offerOur product range offers maximum profits, high quality crops, increase in yield and much more... read more